There are 2 options for you to be part of Hesmyrock. 1) Be a contributor or 2) Be a collaborator.


Be a Contributor

If you are part of a Christian community, a member of any Christian Church, a Pastor or a Bible expert and you love to write, you can be one of our voluntary contributors.

They usually write mini sermons, motivational articles and bible notes. They provide us an article daily or weekly written by them. Thanks to their active contributions we featured them with their own section on Here an example how the exclusive section looks like. If you want to be a contributor send us a message.

Be a Collaborator

If you want to collaborate at times with content to writing your own thoughts, videos or articles you can be a voluntary collaborator. If you are ready to share something with our visitors, please complete the form below and submit it.

Note: Since we are a non-profit website, our contributors and collaborators don't receive any monetary compensation for their contributions. They are not Hesmyrock's employees or freelances. They are wonderful people who want to support us for free, collaborating with content for the MISSION of spreading God's message across the world.



We are proud to have volunteers contributors and collaborators who love to post original content into our website for free.

Below is an example of the content you can share as contributor or collaborator. To manage the effort efficiently we accept content related to God, Jesus Christ, testimony and Christian values only. You can share your thoughts, insights and experience by submitting it in the following formats:

  • Article: You can write an article between 250 to 500 characters including spaces.
  • Verse Interpretation: You must add a bible verse reference plus your own comment and thought concerning the subject matter.
  • Mini Sermon: A minimum of 500 and a maximum of 1200 characters. Content must be your own thoughts. All sources must be added if applied. We do not accept full copy and paste of content posted from other websites.

 Materials that will not be considered or posted:

  • Inappropriate language
  • Defamatory statements
  • Copyright violations

Selection Process

First, we review all content submitted. Then, we select between 1 to 3 contributions every week to be published in our blog and featured on our main page and social media accounts.

If your content is selected we will create an article, add a related image to illustrate your content if applicable and post it in our blog. We will make sure that your first and last name will appear in the article to give you credit in the author area.

We will send you a message and let you know when the article is published, so you can share it on social media and with friends and family.

Are you ready to share your content with Hesmyrock visitors please use the form below to submit it.



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