Where to Go in Troubled Times

Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
— Matthew 24:35

A family who I love very dearly is going through a time that I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy, the death of a child.  The only thing that would be worse than losing a child or grandchild would be going to hell for eternity. I have been with mom’s, dad’s and grandparents after a child’s death more times that I want to remember. I’ve seen the pain, the suffering, the brokenness that there are no words to describe.  

So where does a person turn in a time of crisis? When tragedy hits? When disaster strikes? Will you go to your favorite magazine? What about the morning newspaper? Maybe the evening news? You are going to need something to give you strength and direction in your time of need and you want to find a better place to go than the Word of God.

In their sufferings, in their darkest hours, I’ve watched my friends quoting and posting God’s word on social media.  God's Word can make all the difference in the world when tragedy or hardship strikes. How many in their affliction have found comfort from the Scriptures?

Trusting in what God has said in His Word can sustain us and give us direction and hope and comfort when we most need it. I know there are all kinds of Inspirational books and so-called expert advice out there, but they don’t help, or at least, not for very long.  But the Word of God does. 

Through my years, I’ve watched Ideas and philosophies come and go out of style with the passing of years, but the Word of God never goes out of style. It never goes out of date, unlike this morning's news. The Word of God always will be relevant. It’s just as relevant today as it was in Job’s time.

I want to encourage everyone reading this to get a good foundation in this Book because it is only a matter of time until hardship strikes you. It happens in every life, without exception. But if you have a good foundation in the Word of God, then you will be ready for difficulty when it comes. Don't wait until then to try and catch up. The pain, suffering and brokenness will still be there, but the Word of God sustains us and keeps us afloat.  God Bless!