What Is Your Favorite Movie About The Prophet Moses?

I think most of us watched a movie about Moses at least a couple times. I saw those three below with my mother who love to watch moves related to the Bible. Check out the trailers of the 3 most popular movies about Moses.

The Ten Commandments

1956 ‧ Drama/History ‧ 4 hours

91% liked this movie by Google users

The life of Moses with Charlton Heston

Exodus: Gods and Kings

2014 ‧ Drama/Action ‧ 2h 30m

76% liked this movie by Google users

Egyptian Princes Moses (Christian Bale) and Ramses (Joel Edgerton) are raised together as brothers.

The Prince of Egypt

1998 ‧ Drama/Fantasy ‧ 1h 40m 

94% liked this movie by Google users

The biblical story of Exodus, put it into cartoon form. Voices:  Moses (Val Kilmer) and Rameses (Ralph Fiennes).


What movies related to Moses you recommend to watch? Write Your suggestion below in the commenting box.