What If You Decided To Crawl And Not Walk?

By: Chance Densmore

Have you ever noticed when you give a nice expensive gift to a child they are initially exited and think at the time it’s the most awesome toy in the world? They play with it for endless hours and devote so much time and energy to it. Eventually the newness and excitement wear off and the new shiny toy ends up at the bottom of the toy box, neglected and forgotten. Unfortunately, many Christians that receive a special gift from God eventually throw that personal gift into their own personal toy box of neglect.

In Matthew 9:2-8, Jesus tells a crippled man to get up, grab his bed and go to his house. Imagine if the paralyzed man that Jesus commanded to get up and walk was given the gift, but then for the rest of his life chose to barely use his legs and sit around. He would be squandering the gift that God gave to him by not walking worthy of it. On the other hand, if that man used his legs, every step he took would be a grace of God. This shows that God gives people gifts of grace so they can use His gifts and not sitting around doing nothing. Using them reflects His grace and glory whereas not using them is unworthy living.


Paul explicitly points this out in Ephesians 1:19-20 when he basically says the Spirit that raised Christ from the grave now lives in us and we can actually “walk” worthy of our calling. Paul recognizes that God is living in us and expects us to use what we’ve been given.

Now you may be wondering why you are not seeing the grace of God in your life or anything close to a gift. If you are in doubt, take a personal self-assessment quiz and ask yourself, are you using the legs of grace God has given you or is it neglected like that dusty Bible that’s been sitting on your shelf? You know, that good book that hasn’t been opened in a long time?

If not, then I have some awesome news for you. Just get up…because we all fall on the ground at one time or another. Start walking and you will realize every step you take is grace. The once paralyzed man is using something he never could have used in his own strength. You will realize that every step you take is one step further from the person you once were. Your waking itself is a gift of grace forever, but you will never realize this grace if you do not walk.

God gives each one of us our own unique gift because He loves us. There are so many gifts that can be listed such as humility, discernment, gentleness, patience and love. Remember, Christ lives in us and His Spirit is our Spirit and that can be referenced in Col. 1:27 and Rom. 8:9. (Now you’ll have to get that dusty Bible off the shelf and actually open it). Therefore, His life’s disposition should also determine our disposition. So, if He is patient, we to need to work out His patience and die to our own.

This gift is at the disposal of every believer because the fruit of the Spirit of God is in everyone who believes. Although we are all different people with different talents and spiritual gifts, the same Spirit that is me lives in the brother or sister next to me. Make an effort to walk worthily of your calling. God Bless!