The Eva Mars Story

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.
— Hebrews 11:1

There are at times when God places in your path a person that can have a major influence in your life and you had no idea this was going to happen. One person was a preacher from Saginaw, Texas who still preaches, writes and who I turn to when I have questions or someone to pray with me. The other person was Eva Mars and I want to tell you about her.

 Eva Mars was my next-door neighbor when I met her in Lawton, OK in the early ’90s. She had a son and daughter and they lived in a small modest house. We would say hello in passing and she was always smiling, but one day we just started talking. Over the course of a few days when talking to her, I discovered she was a Christian and that got my attention.


 One thing I didn’t mention before is that Eva Mars was living in poverty by today’s standards. She had a house, bills, and two teenage kids to raise. She would clean houses or other small jobs to make any sort of income. It wasn’t a steady income. When she didn’t have enough money to cover her expenses, a job would come up out of nowhere and it was just enough to cover all the expenses for her household.

 On top of this, she would faithfully tithe even though she didn’t have that much. But the one thing that noticed about Eva was her faith in God to provide for her needs. She was anyways smiling and didn’t seem to worry. She would always say, “God will provide you with what you need and not what you want”. Her positive attitude and faith were contagious, and she is the type of person that someone is dawn to.

 Many people become stressed out when bills are pilling up, a lost job and many other issues. Just remember, it may be a test to see how much faith you have in God. You try to think of a way to fix the problem while God is just waiting on you to get down on your knees, pray and let Him fix the problem.

 God Bless