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Why Do We Have Worldly Troubles?

When you read John 13 a dialogue took place at the Lord’s supper table and at this point, He has predicted his betrayal, told his disciples that He is going away and cannot follow, and told Peter that he will deny Him 3 times. If a person has foreknowledge of events that were going to happen to them before they die, they probably would become troubled and distressed.

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Sin, Salvation, Struggling Christians, Satan’s Lies and Saving Grace, Part 2

In Tuesdays post, I talked about Christians doubting their salvation.  I believe Satan is behind a lot of that and one of the ways he is so successful is his lies.  He lied to Adam and Eve and they believed him, and sin came to God’s new creation.  Adam and Eve were in a perfect state and they were no match for Satan’s lie.

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