How Important Is Faith to You?

Now He did not do many mighty works there because of their unbelief.
— Matthew 13:58

How important is faith? Faith can make all the difference between something happening and not happening. Our text tells us that Jesus could do no mighty work in His hometown because of unbelief. God is sovereign which means He can do whatever He wants whenever He wants with whomever He wants. He doesn't need our opinion. He doesn't need us to vote on it. He just does it.

But the sovereign God that we worship, and follow has chosen to primarily accomplish His purposes through human instruments. Now if I were God, I would have probably done things differently. I would just do things myself. Why mess around with a bunch of misfit humans? We’re good at making a mess of things. But God has primarily chosen to do His work through people.

When God wanted to part the Red Sea, He didn't need Moses to hold up his rod. God was doing the work. But He commanded Moses to stretch out his rod over the sea, and the waters parted. God didn't need Elijah to pray for fire to come down from Heaven. God didn't need Noah to build an ark. He could have created His own ocean craft for the animals, Noah, and his family. But God worked through human instruments to accomplish His purposes. It’s important for us to realize this is God’s way of working most of the time.

Have you ever noticed that Jesus did not heal everyone? But He did heal the ones who called out to Him, like the blind man who heard that Jesus was coming his way. He cried, "Jesus, Son of David, have mercy on me!" (Luke 18:38). Someone told him to be quiet, but that made him yell even more. So, Jesus heard his cry, stopped, and that man was healed.

God responds to faith. Unbelief hinders the work of God, but faith unleashes it. Spend some time in God’s Word, it builds faith and unleashes the power of God. God Bless!