He Owns It All and Is in Control of All

By: Woody Godbey

I was talking to my niece about the love for money being the root of all evil.  That is what sparked this morning’s message.  When a person gives their heart to Jesus, they win a great battle.  When you get saved the powers of hell are defeated, robbing Satan of the spoil he took from you when he ruled your life.  But after your victory in Jesus as you are still radiating with spiritual victory and freedom, two kings await you, the same two kings that awaited Abram in Genesis 14:17-24.  Let’s look at these two kings and what they offered and what Abram chose.

Abram faced a very strong temptation for material riches.  Before him was an offer of riches, material goods and fame, but he did not have to think twice about his decision.  Abram responded to the king of Sodom’s offer with a quick and clear NO.  Why?  Because what mattered most to Abram was preserving and maintaining God’s reputation, not his own.  He was telling the king of Sodom, “I’m returning all these things back to you, the people, the riches, everything, because my Lord owns it all, anyway.  If He decides to make me wealthy, so be it.  But I don’t want you to be able to brag that you made me rich.”

 Where do you think Abram got such a disinterest from the world, such independence that he was able to reject outright the devil’s offer of material blessing?  Scripture gives us a clear answer, Abram received his strength from a fresh revelation of who God is.  Melchizedek had opened Abram’s eyes to an amazing vision of God’s character: “[Melchizedek] blessed him, and said, blessed be Abram of the most high God . . . which has delivered my enemies into my hand” (Genesis 14:19-20).

 Embedded in this verse is a name for Jehovah: El Elyon. It means, literally, “God most high, creator and possessor of heaven and earth.” Melchizedek was declaring to Abram, “Your Lord is not just a God above all other gods, He is the creator of the entire universe. Everything in it belongs to Him, all wealth, cattle, possessions.  He is in control of everything you see around you.”  King Melchizedek is a type of Jesus Christ and the King of Sodom is a type of Satan.  Satan can give you riches, material possessions and fame but he can’t give you freedom, happiness and the eternal home in heaven.  God owns it all and He will take care of His own.  Remember you come face to face with two kings after salvation. 

 If God blesses me with STUFF, praise God but I refuse to give Satan bragging rights.  He can keep his STUFF!  God Bless!!