God Will Chose People with Divine Possibilities

When Jesus chose Apostle Peter … he was a ‘crude’ fisherman. After spending 3 years with Jesus, Peter lied, denied, cursed and forsake Jesus in his greatest hour of need. A few weeks later … Jesus gave him the Keys to the Kingdom!!

Apostle Paul (Saul) … highly educated, respected and revered … persecuted, imprisoned, and killed believers. Jesus struck him down, blinded him and used him to take the Gospel to the Gentiles. He also wrote many of the books of the New Testament.

King David was an adulterer, a murderer and disobeyed God … but God chose him to be King of Israel … and called him, “a man after God’s own heart.”

The list goes on … God does not choose ‘perfect men’ … he chooses men with Divine Possibilities. Only God knows the heart and he does not look at a man’s past … he sees his future!

When ‘Religious Leaders’ threw a woman at Jesus’s feet – accusing her of adultery and wanting to stone her … where was the man she sinned with? Jesus stated, “He that is without sin – cast the first stone!” Because, he knew that these self-righteous men were as guilty as she. His command to the accused woman … “go and sin no more.”

Let’s be careful about judging a man by his past actions. Most accusers … accuse another of the very things they are guilty of! God uses whom He pleases … He puts up Kings and takes down Kings.

Let God be the Judge!!