Do You Check the Facts?

For there is one God and one Mediator between God and men, the Man Christ Jesus.
— 1 Timothy 2:5

I never use Snopes or fact check for my information.  If you do your research, you will find that both Snopes and fact check get their information the same place you do, off the internet and a great deal from left wing writers. Less than 5% of their so-called truth facts comes from the source. I have caught both numerous times giving wrong information and found their source to be a left-wing writer. I go to a lot of archives from reputable news outlets and I also use firstgov and other government sources to get information or to check fact or fiction. Snopes and fact check usually start off answering a question saying they got in touch with the source and then they tell what he or she said.  But the truth is, they give word for word what was found on the internet by that person. To be fair, most of what they fact check is right, but I have found enough wrong to not trust them.   

 This sermon is not about Snopes or fact check. This morning I want to talk about a truth that most of the world says is fiction. One of the most often-asked questions regarding the Christian faith goes something like this, "What about the person who has never heard that Jesus is the only way to God? What about the person in the middle of the jungle who has never heard the gospel?" (They are always in a jungle for some unknown reason—or in the desert.)

 The teaching that Jesus Christ is the only way to God has never been popular. But maybe it has never been more controversial than it is today. If you want to get someone's blood boiling, then say that Jesus is the only way to God. They preach coexistence but that flies out the window when you say that Jesus is the only way. And their fact check won't be from the Bible but from some left winged liberal atheist.

 The idea that you would have the audacity to say that Jesus is the only way is, in effect, saying that other religions are not true. That is the way it works itself out, and people don't like it. It is acceptable if you say that Jesus is a way to God. But when you dare to say that He is the only way, then you can be certain that will have some push-back.

 But here is what it comes down to. We have to say what the Bible says, whether it is popular or not. It is not for me to edit the message of the Bible; it is for me, as a Christian, to simply deliver it.

 It would be like a doctor's discovering a very serious problem with a patient's health, but then being unwilling to say what that problem is because it might make that patient uncomfortable.

 We must tell people the truth about their real condition, which happens to be sinful, and then seek to save them, which is to point them to Jesus Christ as the only solution. God Bless!