Wimpy Preachers, Worldly People (Christians) and Wicked Politicians

By: Woody Godbey

MATTHEW 24:12 “And because lawlessness (wickedness) will abound (increase), the love of many shall grow cold.” We’ve seen wickedness increase over the past 50 years but the last 8 years it has spiraled out of control just like Noah’s day.

It pains me to know that we have so many Wimpy preachers filling the pulpits in American Churches. It doesn’t take a great theologian to see that many of America’s political woes are spiritual. The ACLU and all these demonic groups who take Christ out of Christmas and Christian out of schools are not going to give up and surrender any ground they have taken. Praying is great, and we should all do that but where is the action?

As Christians we should be able to hold the line and say, “Nope, not on our watch. My Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ told me to do business until He returns.” America needs to stop murdering millions of babies and churches need to stop ordaining gay clergy. Elijah had no problem facing Ahab the King and Jehu had no problem facing Jezebel the queen. Ahab and Jezebel were taking Israel in the wrong direction spiritually and that is exactly what is happening in America today. Wicked Politicians despise anything that has to do with our Christian heritage.

I thank God for the preachers/pastors who stand up against wickedness in high places. These preachers clearly see Satan’s army behind the wicked politicians whose attacks are attempts to weaken Christianity and to idolize humanism. Too many Preachers and Christians are illiterate when it comes to the first amendment. The politicians and special Anti-Christ groups like to use the separation of church and state. Do they not know that the separation of church and state is not even in the constitution. That is a root that came from a letter that Thomas Jefferson once wrote to a Baptist Congregation. Rather than giving the government the power to restrict religious views, the First Amendment attempts to protect people of faith. It was written so the government would stay out of it and let the church be the conscience of the nation. The Wicked Politicians are preventing the free exercise thereof. So, the very thing that was designed to protect the church is now destroying her and the reason why is, the pulpit is silent. I never let the government bully me when I was pastoring and I’m sure not going to turn wimpy now.

Jesus gave us the Great Commission to go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature and to teach them to become disciples. But we have brought the unsaved ways and world into the church. The 21st century church is the Laodicean worldly church! Christians act worldly, talk worldly, see worldly, think worldly, and some even vote worldly. But we all know how to talk the talk around one another. As an American I would speak out against illegal immigration, the economy and a few other things. But I am speaking out against the whole democratic party as a man of God because of their Anti-Christ doctrine. This is a spiritual battle where Christians need to rise up as a mighty army.

I am not a wimpy preacher and I don’t mind telling people that I am voting for a Supreme Court who will be sensitive to God’s Word and Christian rights. I am voting for bullying against Christianity to stop. I am voting for babies to be protected. I am voting for the church to once again be the conscience of this nation. Satan is a powerful enemy and he deceived Eve and he’s doing the same with many today.

I know many of you reading this may have strong pastors and strong churches but that is not the norm. Those churches are the minority. It’s not my place, a preacher’s place or anyone else’s to tell you how to vote. But it is our place to preach and stand against wickedness as well as warning people of Satan’s traps. I never had a problem calling names of wimpy preachers or wicked politicians from the pulpit. If you think I’m bad you should hear from some of the black pastors in Ohio and Indiana. They are blasting black Christians for supporting an Anti-Christ establishment, the democrat party.

I could preach a sermon on who our enemy is and who it isn’t. I could preach on the spiritual weapons we are to use. I could preach on the armor of God and everyone would probably agree. But when preachers start to preach and show how Satan has wormed his way into a government, many close their eyes and ears. The enemy keeps taking little pieces here and there and it won’t be long until he has it all. The salt is tasteless and powerless, and the light is dim but there is a glimmer of hope. When I was a kid growing up the church had a strong voice in government and community. Today the voice is weak and silent. Stand up and Let America know that we are back. God gave us this America to be a blessing to all the world through worldwide missions. Satan is limiting that by taking small pieces of Christian ground. To make my point, over 35,000 Missionaries are sent to America from other nations every year. We are suppose to be evangelizing the world and now, other nations are sending Missionaries to us. It’s because of Wimpy Preachers, Worldly People and Wicked Politicians denying the power of God and the churches place in this lost world. Stand Up Church! God Bless!!