Civil Government

By: Woody Godbey

Yes, I am very vocal when it comes to spiritual warfare under the covering of politics. I do not mind calling for people in high places to repent and follow the Lord and His ways. There are those in the Islamic cult who will die for a lie, I can at least stand up for the TRUTH and to those who corrupt God’s laws.

I don’t remember the exact words, but someone has correctly pointed out, “Hypocrites and martyrs are not made of the same stuff. Men may willingly die for what they believe to be true...even at times if what they believe is false. But no one will die willingly for something they know to be a lie!” We know from the Scriptures that Judas Iscariot, betrayer of Jesus, committed suicide. Tradition tells us that only John, of the other 14 Apostles died a natural death. I said 14 Apostles which includes Mathias who took Juda’s place and the Paul.

Governments hated these men and tradition tells us how each one died at the hands of governments of some sort. I don’t think for a second that God inspired the Apostles Paul and Peter to teach unconditional obedience to ALL civil government. It is even more doubtful that God inspired Paul and Peter to write that disobedience to civil government in all cases is disobedience to God. Almost all the Disciples, including Paul, did not hesitate to disobey their civil government and the civil authorities above them when the law required something contrary to God's Word or even stood in the way of their teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. According to the historian Eusebius, Nero beheaded Paul and had Peter crucified

I know preachers and Christians love to quote Romans 13:1-7 that seems to be telling us to obey all civil governments. But any interpretation of Romans 13 that includes a statement that Christians are to obey all civil governments in all things is incorrect. A better understanding is needed and that is another sermon. Romans 13 might even be talking about church government but one thing for sure, God is not telling us to obey corrupt governments. I can’t even imagine Paul obeying the mad man Nero. I’m not promoting a rebellion against the government, but that Christians stand against an anti-Christ government. The government is doing its best to publicly take away everything that has to do with Christianity. The Ten Commandments, Pray & Bible in Schools, Merry Christmas/happy holidays…… Yes, a whole lot more. Christians stand by and do nothing. Some even help elect politicians who are the Nero’s of our day! Stand up and Speak out. God Bless!