Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart; wait, I say, on the Lord.
— Psalm 27:14

The Psalmist said, “Wait on the Lord and Be of good courage.”  Then he says it for the second time, “Wait, I say, on the Lord.”  As I’ve said many times before, one of Satan’s most powerful weapons is discouragement.  And as the old saying goes, it’s not if you get discouraged but when you get discouraged.  Discouragement will come to all of us at some time. 

Discouragement is nothing new. Many of the great Bible characters became discouraged. Moses in the Sinai desert; Elijah when he heard Jezebel was searching for him to take his life; and David when his son Absalom rebelled against him. Discouragement is as old as the history of man.

Most of the time, there is a cause for discouragement.  In other words, we just don’t wake up in the morning discouraged unless something has triggered it.  It comes many times when we don’t get our way, when things don’t work out the way we want them to. Discouragement is the opposite of faith. It is one of Satan’s many weapons to hinder the work of God in your life. Discouragement can blind our eyes to the mercy of God and makes us see only the gloomy, adverse, negative circumstances.  You’ve been there, I’ve been there and we’ve all been there!!!!!!

But, I have never met anyone who spent time in daily prayer, and in the study of the Word of God, and was strong in faith, who was ever discouraged for very long.  Yes, they get discouraged but it doesn’t stay because they stay faithful waiting on the Lord and He always shows up.

I know some of you have been discouraged for a long time now.  You’re wondering, how long is this going to last, will this ever end?  You wait on the Lord by praying, seeking Him, remaining faithful and in His time, it will come to an end. But please, remember those men I mentioned above, they not only were discouraged but they had a bit of depression too.  But they all came through stronger and so will you.  God Bless!!