I Feel I Am Not Worthy of God’s Grace

By: Thomas Myers

God I'm so unworthy. I cannot properly function until I come to this realization. I'm not worthy of anything, especially God’s grace. If there is something in my life I am unwilling to give up when God asks of it, it is my responsibility to humble myself, trust Him, and give up what he has asked of me.

So you also, when you have done everything you were told to do, should say, ‘We are unworthy servants; we have only done our duty
— Luke 17:10

If for a second you think you deserve anything (are worthy of a thing), immediately God will ask for it of you until you render all things unto Him. God will not use the man who thinks anything is owed to him. If God has said to you, give up a thing you think you are worthy of, remember you're not, and until you trust God and obey, you’ll have no peace. If God asks you to give up, or be willing to give up a ministry, a sin, a good thing, or a bad thing that you think you are worthy of, be willing, and take the position of a humble servant, and do what God says.

Once we have formed this attitude of humble unworthiness, it is then that God’s grace will not just cover us (as it has been doing all along) but will also work through us presently because even now, we know we are not worthy. For if we don’t deserve grace, it then follows we're unworthy of it. If then we think we're worthy of anything, whether it be a calling, a ministry, a victory, or a spiritual gift, we should never expect to prosper in it, for it is separated from God’s Spirit and stored in our flesh. There is no God-power in work separated from God’s Spirit of grace. Consequently, God will never give us anything to own exclusively apart from Him, and everything He does give, He gives that we may be made perfect by giving it up to Him, and doing with it whatever HE ASKS of it, not what we want with it.