Problems in Churches

By: Woody Godbey

I heard a man say that he only reads the four gospels because they are the works and words of Christ.  He also said that he attended a church which teaches only from the 4 gospels.  He went on to say that he did not give equal credence to the other portions of the Bible. 

In the same segment a group talked about the many churches that are in decline mode because of the many problems in churches.  

First, read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 16. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: 17 That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.

All means all. Honestly, I don’t care who you Blog for, how many books you have written, how big your church is, how great you think you are or which side you butter your bread, no man is free to pick and choose which portions of the scriptures are relevant or whether they pertain to God’s ultimate plan for mankind.  Either the Bible in its entirety is God’s word or it is not.  Either ALL scripture is relevant, or no scripture is relevant.  Good grief, how can pastors and people be so misled? 

The group talked about all the problems in churches.  I hear that on a weekly basis.  Pastor’s ego’s, my way or the highway, cliques, boring sermons, gossip, music and money seem to take the top spots but there are many more. The church in a whole is sick and everyone is running around diagnosing the problems and it isn’t getting any better.

In my opinion, way too much time, money and ink are wasted on discussing the symptoms made apparent throughout the Body of Christ, while precious little time or effort is focused on the sickness. We have speakers and coaches running all over the country telling us how to treat the symptoms while getting rich doing it. Seminar after seminar and many pastors and churches are still blind to the facts.  The problem is we rarely see a man standing behind the pulpits, full of holy discontent and Holy Spirit boldness, identifying the sickness for what it is, pointing to Christ as the cure and then investing time in the church to promote an appropriate change for God’s glory.

I hear stories of people leaving churches in anger, the heartache and broken promises, problems with pastors, people fighting over scraps of control or prestige; these are mere symptoms of the real illness. The sickness or problem is Christ is not the head of the local churches or sometimes even entire denominations that are experiencing problems and decline. I weep for the Church when I hear of divisions. My heart breaks over the stories people tell about leaving a local church family over the foolishness that happens within our churches. It’s sin and it grieves the heart of God.

The cure is simple friends. Honestly, it is. Put Christ first and leave Him as the head of the local assembly. It’s that easy. Pray together, exhort and encourage each other. Confront the sin running rampant in the church but do it in love. Seek guidance from the Holy Spirit. Preach about Jesus overcoming sin, death and the grave for me and you. Make disciples who make disciples for the glory of God. Grow in Christ, share your faith, and for crying out loud; express some Christ like love to one another. If the church would just focus there, all the other issues would begin to melt away. We won’t be perfect or trouble free, but we will be well on our way to where God wants us.

This is a burden God has placed on my heart and it burns in me like a raging fire.  God Bless!