Life in The Spirit, Death of The Flesh

All discipline for the moment seems not to be joyful, but sorrowful; yet to those who have been trained by it, afterwards it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness
— Hebrews 12:11

God's discipline is a lifelong circumcision of the flesh. That is why it is so important to live by His Spirit. So long as we are in the Spirit, the circumcision of the flesh becomes bearable. Nobody enjoys their father's discipline while it is happening, for the very process of circumcision - Putting off the flesh - is very painful if we are so attached to that flesh. But if we remain in the Spirit, though outwardly we die, inwardly we find that we are being renewed every single day and will experience all the inward fruits of that Spirit.

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 The Lord’s discipline will destroy every man who is attached to his flesh and not alive in God’s Spirit. This is the fate of the carnal man.  The carnal Christian is similar, He attaches himself to earthly fleshly things, and when the Lord tears them out of his hands he screams out to God in questions of why? Though his salvation is sure, he will be miserable so long as he chooses to dwell in his flesh rather than the Spirit. To him the Lord’s discipline is a weight that keeps him from doing what he wants to do. Although he enjoys the benefits of salvation he has not learned what it means to be a disciple of Christ and as a result is a miserable person on this earth.

Until a saved man learns to dwell in the Spirit he will never find the Lords discipline to be enjoyable. He is held back in his selfish motives from seeing the purifying circumcision that is taking place in his life - that is working out for him a holy glorification that will last eternally in the presence of God.

Are you resting in your salvation, allowing God to put your flesh to death so that His Life might dwell there, or are you clinging to your flesh as it fights for life under the suffocation of the cross? If you live in the Spirit, you will find that when your flesh dies you have gained everything, the very Life of Christ. But if you live in your flesh and value it over God, when God puts it to death in your life, you will find that you have lost everything that you thought gives you worth and ask God “why?” To which He would answer, “For your good, for your holiness” (Hebrews 12:10).  As God’s legitimate children, you either humble yourself before God or God humbles you - either way, humility is not an option, and in Christ the flesh will die. Cling to Jesus, His death, his life, and let your dead life go.