Religion and Politics

By: Woody Godbey

People are always telling me that politics should be kept out of our faith.  But I always fire back, Christians need to be actively involved in politics.  Then the uninformed will say something like, "Well, what about separation of church and state?"  Well, that's a big fat lie, our forefathers never told us Christians should be silent and uninvolved. They meant that government could not set up a religion.  France was Catholic back then, England had the Church of England, and Germany was Lutheran, our new country could not be set up under one denomination, that's what they intended.  You were never intended to be separated from your faith.  Our forefathers never meant to stop us from preaching, or praying, or living out our faith.

Many modern day Christians are like what we use to call sissies!  In my day you didn’t want to be called a sissy because that meant you didn’t have any backbone.  Of course that only applied to boys.  Calling your sister sissy didn’t apply to the no backbone rule!  Our people, politicians and preachers need to get some backbone and tell it like it is, that voting for liberals is a slap to the face of God.  Liberals are for everything that God is against.  How can a person call themselves a Christian and support abortion, same sex marriage and other lifestyles that are totally against the teachings of the Bible?

I just read a poll that says 83% of Americans say they are Christians. That is lie!  If 83% of Americans were Christians, Hillary would be in jail and Bernie would be like a cartoon character.  Jesus said in Matthew 7 that many will say they are Christians because they do some good works or maybe they are religious but Jesus said that He never knew them. 


I plead in the Name of Jesus for Liberal Christians (if there is such a thing) to get some backbone and stop supporting Satan’s agenda’s.  I am not saying that Republican leaders are saints because they are not.  But I am saying that they line up closer to biblical standards than the far left Democrats.  I was a Democrat who became a Republican because the Democrat party went away from God.  Now the Republicans are starting to drift themselves.  That means that we are going to have to stand up in the Name of Jesus and tell them all, “Enough is enough.”

Let me be clear and once again tell you that this is not political but spiritual.  We need a good old Heaven Sent, Holy Spirit revival.  That word revival means to live again.  We need to wake up from the dead.  We need to hear some bones rattling.  We need the breath of God!  If you’re a Christian, I challenge you to pray for revival.  God can do in American what He did in Nineveh 3000 years ago!  Amen!  God Bless!!!