The Biblical Plumb Line

And the Lord said to me, “Amos, what do you see?” And I said, “A plumb line.”
Then the Lord said:
“Behold, I am setting a plumb line
In the midst of My people Israel;
I will not pass by them anymore.
— Amos 7:8

God was using the plumb line to show His people that they were like a wall that is out of line and that He wouldn't change His mind again about punishing them.

These words leave no doubt about what God is saying to His people. These are some serious words that God is saying to His people through the Prophet Amos. They are heading straight for disaster because of their refusal to follow God’s word and instructions for the health and welfare of their lives. They were like so many today thinking they knew what was best!

A plumb line is a string or cord with a weight at the bottom. When a plumb line is held up alongside a wall under construction, there can be no doubt as to whether the wall is truly vertical. Today we use a level. Walls that are built out of line are very vulnerable to collapse. A plumb line lies perfectly vertical because of the physical law of gravity, which requires only that the surveyor hold it up and allow the weight to come to rest.

Whenever God’s people are leading lives that are out of line with Him and likely to bring hurt and destruction upon themselves, it is very important that someone uses the plumb line of God's word to show the straight line. America's spiritual wall is way out of line and the plumb line of God's word shows this. Many of the churches in America are WAY OUT OF LINE!

Now the question, who is responsible to hold up that plumb line? Before I answer that, let me make it clear that those who hold up a biblical plumb line are not themselves the measure of truth. Amos was not the plumb line but merely God’s surveyor whom He had equipped to show that straight line. The same is true today. God has equipped Pastors, Teachers, and mature Christians to hold up the plumb line. We are surveyors.

Everyone has a choice to acknowledge or to ignore this line, but it would be foolish to be angry with the surveyor. It is amazing how a bricklayer can convince himself that the wall, which he is building, is perfectly vertical. It is only when he steps back and views his work alongside the surveyor’s plumb line that the truth becomes evident. It can be a shocking moment if a distortion is exposed, but how much better it is to discover the misalignment now rather than at collapse.

We are living in some very challenging days of a desperate need for Godly discernment. We should be thankful for the pastors, teachers and those whom God gives to us for the purpose of holding up His straight line. They are not perfect but they will demonstrate spiritual maturity in both their words and their behavior. When I hold up God's plumb line upon the wall that America and many churches are building today, I must cry out, stop the building of this crooked wall or prepare for a great collapse.

I may make a lot of church leaders mad but some are way out of line and many have already had a spiritual collapse. They may be full of people and spiritual practice but empty of God and His blessings! Some people get mad at their pastor for preaching the truth that shows their lives are out of line. Instead of getting mad, get straight! Check your own wall with the truth of God's Word. God Bless!