God Is Not Silent

By: Woody Godbey

Remember the purpose of this series of post, to know that God is not silent when His children are suffering. No matter how it may seem to us, He is always there. Today I want us to consider what accompanies your depression.

Yesterday we discussed taking one step at a time. As you put one foot in front of the other, don't forget that depression doesn't exempt you from the other problems that plague human beings. Some depressed people have a hard time seeing the other things that creep in, things like anger, fear, and an unforgiving spirit. Take some time and look carefully to see if your depression is associated with things like these:

Do you have negative, critical, or complaining thoughts? These can point to anger. Are you holding something against another person?

Do you want to stay in bed all day? Are there parts of your life you want to avoid?

Do you find that things you once did easily now strike terror in your heart? What is at the root of your fear?

Do you feel like you have committed a sin that is beyond the scope of God's forgiveness? Remember that the apostle Paul was a murderer. And remember: God is not like other people, He doesn't give us the cold shoulder when we ask for forgiveness.

Do you struggle with shame? Shame is different from guilt. When you are guilty you feel dirty because of what you did; but with shame you feel dirty because of what somebody did to you. Forgiveness for your sins is not the answer here because you are not the one who was wrong. But the cross of Christ is still the answer. Jesus' blood not only washes us clean from the guilt of our own sins, but also washes away the shame we experience when others sin against us.

Do you experience low self-worth? Low self-worth points in many directions. Instead of trying to raise your view of yourself, come at it from a completely different angle. Start with Jesus Christ and His love for you. Let that define you and then share that love with others.

Depression is a stubborn darkness that many Christians experience. It's sad that there are so many Christian leaders who misunderstand depression and some who even deny its reality. All they would have to do is open the Bible and read it through to see those who suffered bouts of depression. God is not silent when His people suffer. Look to Him first and seek help from your Pastor, Christian Counselor and Family Doctor. God Bless!