On Hold

By: Woody Godbey

My Bible reading this morning was in 1 Samuel where Hannah who was barren was asking God for a child. She never gave up but I'm sure she was discouraged when her prayers went unanswered.

Here is a little scene that happens to me more often than I would like. You've probably experienced the same thing a time or two. You call the bank, dealership, store, etc. and ask for the service department and you hear those famous words, “Can you hold?”, and before you know it you’re hearing music. Every so often a taped message assures you that your call is important and will be answered. You wait and wait. You think, I could have driven over there and back by now! You feel forgotten and that nobody cares.

There are times when it seems that God has put us on hold. We pray and pray about a matter of extreme importance, but nothing happens. Nothing!

I’m sure that’s how Hannah felt. She was asking God for a baby. Childlessness was a curse in her day. To make it worse, her husband’s other wife ridiculed her mercilessly. Hannah wanted desperately to give her husband a child. She prayed out of deep pain and bitterness. Yet year after year she did not conceive.

If you’re like me, it's hard to understand sometimes why God doesn't answer your repeated prayers? As hard as it is we need to remember that God’s wisdom surpasses our own. What we’re asking for might harm us. We can’t see the whole picture. Our timing is not God’s timing.

When God puts you “on hold,” don’t grumble. You can entrust your most cherished longings and desires to Him, and then patiently wait for Him to answer. God Bless!