Prayer Is Important

By: Woody Godbey

Prayer is a very important part of my life. In Matthew chapter 6 Jesus told the Disciples not to pray like the Hypocrites but to pray in secret.

When Jesus told people to pray in secret, He didn’t mean that praying in public is wrong. What He was condemning was the insincere prayers made only to impress people. We may all sense that subtle temptation at times.

A preacher who was preaching a message on praying told two stories to show the difference between sincere and insincere prayer.

The first example was a group of delegates from a Christian conference stopped at a busy restaurant for lunch and were seated at several different tables around the room. Just before eating, one member announced in a loud voice, “Let’s pray!” Chairs shifted and heads turned. Then followed a long-winded “blessing” that did more to cool the food than warm hearts. Finally, amid snickers and grumbling, came the welcome “Amen.”

He contrasted that story with another scene. A history teacher at a large state university was having lunch with his family in the school cafeteria. As they began their meal, their little 3-year-old cried out, “O Daddy, we forgot to pray!” “Well, honey,” said the man, “would you pray for us?” “Dear Jesus,” she began, “thank You for our good food and all these nice people. Amen.” From nearby tables came “amens” from professors and students alike who were touched by that child’s simple and sincere prayer.

My opinion is that it's always right as well as a witness to pray publicly if it is sincere. I pray both privately and publicly. I pray that I will always be sincere as I speak to my Heavenly Father! God Bless!