The Promise Kept

By: Woody Godbey

Isaiah 7:14 gave a prophecy that says, "Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel." Clear your mind for a few minutes and imagine how excited the Jews were when they heard that the Redeemer, the savior was finally here on earth. They had been waiting their whole lives for this moment, waiting for the promised one to come and free them from their captors.

Now I want you to imagine the confusion, when 30 years later the promised king remained "powerless" against the ruling government, and instead of leading a rebellion, taught peace and coexistence. Instead of praising the Pharisees, and appointing them to high positions in His kingdom, He condemned their actions, and taught what real love was... sacrifice.

One more time, I want you to imagine the disappointment, when this almighty King died at the hands of the very kingdoms He was to rule over. It seemed that after all the promises God had made to the Jewish people, that none of them would be coming true. Then all of a sudden, 3 days later, the king that they had killed was back!

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the Jews of Jesus day. How many times have we been guilty of looking at the promises of God and asking ourselves how we would fulfill them... then we expect God to act the same way, and often in a way that ends up praising us and not Him (just as the Pharisees). And then when these promises are not fulfilled the way we expect, we start to question God, asking if He really cares about us. We end up disappointed and discouraged just like the Jews of Jesus' time because we're not patient enough to wait on God to finish showing us HIs plan.

I remember after our motorcycle accident, I became depressed and I wondered why God was letting me feel this way. I remember wondering what was going to happen, and doubting that I would ever get over that terrible feeling of depression... I guess like many of the Jews of Jesus' time. I had never had a depressed day in my life and I didn't know what was going on inside me that caused this darkness, I started to give up hope. I remember lying in the bed listening to Lynda Randle sing the gospel song, "I'm Free". I played that song over and over. I thought of the words of Jesus, If I set you free, you are free indeed. The tears flowed and God lifted the depression. He does keep His promises.

Instead of fulfilling the prophecies and expectations of the Jews of Jesus time, God instead freed them from a much bigger captor, their sin. Instead of giving them a wonderful life on earth for a short time, He gave them the gift of eternal life through His Son Jesus. And instead of saving a few, God gave His Son to save the world.

Hey folks, just in case you didn't know it, we have an amazing God, one who not only keeps His promises, but has greater plans than we could ever imagine. A God who doesn't do things our way, but will do them the right way. A God who, no matter the situation, you can rely on to get you through. Just like the Jews of Jesus time, we may not always understand what is going on, or why God seems to be "failing" in keeping His promises, but we can know that in the end, He will not only keep His promise, but amaze us in how He did it. God Bless!