God of Compassion

By: Woody Godbey

There are so many sad people in the world today and all kinds of problems that cause or add to a person’s sadness. A person can be suffering from a physical problem which can cause sadness and depression. It's sad that so many pastors and church leaders refuse to admit a person’s sadness or depression can be a medical problem. I have counseled Christians for almost 40 years and I have a lot of stories to tell. One was a lady who was very sad and depressed and she thought it was her husband's fault. I sent her to her family doctor and through several test she found out she had an underactive thyroid that was causing her mood. Her doctor put her on a medication for her problem and she was back to being happy again and the marriage problem was fixed instantly.

In my many years of experience I believe most sadness is caused by what we experience. The death of a loved one, a terminal sickness, a lost job, an unfaithful spouse, marriage problems, etc. can cause sadness and depression.

I can always go to the Scriptures to get help whether it’s for myself or someone else. One of my favorite verses in the Bible is 2 Corinthians 1:3, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort."

Notice, the Father of COMPASSION and the God of ALL COMFORT! This is the verse I reach out and hold on to in times of sorrow, times when I have to look beyond myself for help.

I heard a preacher tell the story about a deeply depressed man who sought the help of a psychiatrist. He explained the traumas of his youth and failures of adulthood, which continued to cause him much anguish and sorrow.

One of the ways the doctor counseled the man to handle the sadness in his life was to help him see things from a different perspective -- to laugh and enjoy the positive things around him. By way of suggestion, the doctor mentioned a comedian at a local theater he had heard about. People who had seen him perform came away happy and light-hearted.

"Maybe an evening out at the theater would refresh your outlook," the doctor offered.

To this the man sighed deeply and said, "If seeing this comedian is going to bring me happiness then I really am in sad shape... because that man is me."

Over the years I've had many people just like the comedian tell me that they lived a life pretending to be happy. When you pretend for a long time, you learn to be good at it because you know people aren't interested in your complaining. And then there are times when you don't want to hear about other people's suffering because you can't handle the sadness in your own life.

The help and solution to our sadness is to realize there is One who knows us so well, and loves us so much, that we do not need to hide our problems and sadness from Him. Listen, God's love provides us with the necessary strength to recover from any crisis and helps us move on with a renewed purpose in our lives.

Remember that In Jesus Christ, God showed Himself to be more than merely concerned with our situation; He identified with it. Through Jesus' sacrifice and atonement for our sins, we can know God's perfect compassion and His eternal comfort.

In times of difficulty, sadness, remember that with the help of Jesus Christ, we can unload our burdens, dwell in His comfort, solace, sympathy, compassion, pity, consolation and be filled with the necessary strength to overcome our personal crisis and sorrow. Reach out to Him, happiness is within reach! God Bless!!!!!