People Pressure

In my Bible Study this morning I read about a young man who sought counsel from the ungodly and paid the price for it. He was influenced by his peers. So many parents have warned their children about peer pressure and the consequences. But peer pressure should really be called people pressure because we're all affected by it. The desire for the approval of others makes us do strange things. I'm not into fashions but I know a lot of people who are.

But I have been guilty of wearing clothing that I didn't like just because of people pressure. How many times have you accepted an invitation you had rather declined? Then there are those who work much harder than they want to for a level of financial success they don’t need. I think the most regrettable thing for both young and old is we sometimes choose to follow a crowd that encourages us to do what is wrong.

My study this morning was in 1 Kings 12, where we read about King Rehoboam who gave in to peer pressure. He rejected the good advice of older wise men who had known his father Solomon and the mistakes he had made as king. Rehoboam listened instead to the counsel of his peers, younger advisers that he had grown up with. I'm sure they were motivated by pride and a desire for power, and he was obviously swayed by their influence. How dearly he paid for his mistake!

Just think about it for a minute, we're all influenced by people pressure. It hits us from every direction. But we have a choice and we can choose the path we will take. It seems that most people are influenced or swayed by those with pride, those who love money, those who live for pleasure, or long for power. There's something you need to understand, people pressure will lead you down a path that ends in destruction.

Instead of giving in to people pressure, seek and give heed to the counsel of those who are humble, good, and godly. If we do that we will follow the way that pleases God. God Bless!