A True Servant of God

Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.
— Matthew 20:28

So Jesus was saying that he came to serve, not to be served.

I think one of the great problems in the church today is there are too many celebrities and not enough servants. If you want to be like Jesus, you have to be a servant with a good heart. There are some characteristics of a true servant of God that we need to pay attention to. There is no way I can list all the characteristics of a true servant but let me give you a couple to think about.

A true servant of God is a person who is willing to serve in lowly, common, ordinary, plain, average, modest, simple, obscure ministries, areas that people don't recognize as ministries or an area no one wants to serve in. I'm talking about areas where there is no recognition from other people. They are areas where a lot of work is done behind the scenes and others don't even consider the fact that it needed to be done! The true servants of God are willing to do this because they are working before the Lord, not before men. This is not only done at church but also at home! Remember Stephen, he was the first Christian martyr. The Bible says that he was filled with the Spirit. The church at Jerusalem chose this Spirit filled man to do a very lowly task, to take care of the widow women who could not take care of themselves. This godly man was willing to work a repetitive, colorless job at the nursing home for God and he didn’t complain even once!

Another Characteristic of the true servant of God is someone who gives and serves without expecting anything in return. Paul pointed out to the Corinthians that the more he loved them, the less he was loved by them. Yet he was still willing to spend and be spent for them! That’s a true servant, that’s true godliness, loving others unconditionally and doing good to them without expecting anything back, not even love or appreciation.
Another characteristic is a true servant will never boast, or think of their self highly because they're serving the Lord. It won’t even enter their mind that they did such good deeds! In other words, their left hand will not know what his right hand is doing. His attitude will be, “I’m just doing my job.”

Then there is serving with joy. The true servants of God will serve with joy as if they are serving the Lord. They will never complain that they’ve been given such a lowly task. These people realize that anything they do for others, it is like they’re doing it for their Lord and they will rejoice knowing that they have the privilege to serve God like that.
My life has been touched many times by those true servants. They probably don't even know who they are because serving others comes so naturally for them. No one may know what you are doing behind the scenes but God does and that's all that matters. Be a true servant! God Bless!!