I Am on the Rock

For the LORD loves the just and will not forsake his faithful ones.
— Psalm 37:28

It has been a year since HMR has launched and it truly has been a labor of love. In the beginning there were many changes and revisions on how to produce a quality website with minimal expenses. After many days and hours spent, HMR was finally launched.

There have been recommendations how to increase traffic to get more visits to this website. Some of the suggestions mentioned were to add secular articles to get viewers’ attention or make a total overhaul and only mention God a few times.


After hearing the recommended changes I said no. HMR will not change the basic principles upon which it stands and that is first, witness to the world about Jesus Christ and praise God and all His goodness. If only one person accepts Jesus Christ as their personal savior by reading the mini sermons then it is worth the time and effort.  

The phrase, “Upon this rock I will stand” are not meaningless words. It is something that is powerful through having faith in God that is never shaken. Thank you for spending time in your day to spend time with HMR and hopefully it has blessed and enriched your life.

God bless.

I am on the Rock