God is Always with Us! Why? I explain you here.

And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age
— Matthew 28:2

What matters more than what The Lord asks of me is the fact that HE IS ALWAYS WITH ME! He will never leave me alone and He reminds me that I am always His! You are NEVER alone when you are God's. 

Remember, your thoughts should not be on convincing yourself that you have God, but rather that He has you and will never leave or give you up, for He is a jealous God. You were lost and God found you, you are not your finder. Rest in the fact that God sought you out, He found you, and will never leave you or give you up. Hear the Father's voice as He whispers in power, "you were bought with a price, never will I leave you, never will I forsake you, I am a jealous God, and you are mine.” 

The Lord loves you and will hold you in your doubts, your fears, your hurts, and your worries. And if those hindrances ever bring you thoughts of separation, remember, your relationship with God is not dependent on you holding on to God but rather on God holding on to you, and that, for all eternity. 

Rest, take rest in Christ, and you will find that because God is in you and has dominion over all things, His commands are in no ways burdensome. What a fearful thing it would be if God commanded us, but was not with us, or threatened to leave us. 

Praise God for who He is and your actions will be a response; Know where God is (in you and always with you) and your actions will be in confidence and power; And focus on where you are (in Him forever) and anything He asks of you will be a response to the deepest need of your life already having been met. We are one with God in Christ. Know this, accept this, stop thinking about yourself, and go! For in God's grace He has enabled you!