Be The Change

Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the LORD his God
— 2 Chronicles 27:6

In truly getting people involved and getting them to surrender their time and possessions to God, I think that vision and philosophy need to be very clear and adamantly stood behind. People everywhere will hear a good philosophy, and acknowledge a good idea, but will not stand strong behind it until someone in front of them stands unwaveringly behind it themselves… steadfastly. This is integrity - Consistency in character. 

When it comes to leadership and outreach one must not be flippant in what he believes, but stand fast behind the propositions he knows to be true, and push them like he has nothing else to live for. This means planning more than just inner city missions, and temporary dwelling places for holiness that are only offered for a limited time, but investing a life to a cause, a ministry that will only grow into the standards of God. 

If we aim to change lives, we must remain constant through Christ. If people don’t see consistency in us, if they don’t see steadfast faith, unwavering love, and enduring hope, people’s lives will never change. What attracts people to change is the attraction of the unchanging – the attraction of perfection. If there is a constant change within our lives, our ministries, and our families, we should not expect anyone to take our mission seriously, for ultimately, God does not want us to constantly change, but to be changed through the redemptive blood of the unchanging Christ, so that we who are in Him might draw all men unto Him through us