What Is The Consequences For Our Sins?

In Romans 1:20, Paul said that the unrepentant homosexual and lesbian are without excuse. Of Course that applies to all sin. Read Romans 1: 18-32 for more clarification.

There was a story in the Daily Bread about a man who was a drug abuser who came to a Christian couple for help. After the couple had spent several hours answering the man's questions from the Bible, the man said, "It seems to me that it would be pretty cheap to come to God after all I've done and say to Him, Well, God, how about forgiving me?" The man went on to say that it would be different if he could say that he hadn't known any better when he did the things he did. But he said, "I knew that the things I did were wrong, not just after I did them, but while I was doing them."

The man had spoken a very important truth. He did not have a valid excuse for his sin and neither do we. We must realize that God holds us all responsible because He has revealed His moral law to every one of us through conscience. No one can honestly say they didn't know a sin was wrong. People may try to soothe their conscience with lies but deep down we all know the wrong even while doing it.
Romans 1:20 tells us that creation itself declares God's power and majesty and Romans 2:15 tells us the conscience sends out an alarm so loud that no one can offer an excuse of ignorance.

The couple explained to the man that the only release from guilt that our responsibility carries with it is this: God offers forgiveness as a free gift through faith in Jesus Christ, who died in our place on the cross. The man later accepted God's forgiveness and was saved.

In America, there's a church on every corner, preachers are blasting away on sin through television and radio. But sin is more rampant today than ever and people keep covering their sins with lies and excuses. People go so far as to say that God made them that way. The truth is, until we are willing to own the sin, we cannot own the forgiveness. God accepts no excuses.

It's time for us to own up to our sins as an individual and as a nation. A lady who had an abortion and was saved later testified, "I knew before, during and after the abortion that it was wrong. I tried to believe that it was my body and my choice but my conscience rang out day and night that I had sinned. I went to my Parents Pastor who shared Christ and His amazing grace and forgiveness with me and I was gloriously saved. I experienced peace for the first time in 4 years and real peace for the first time in my life." A preacher friend said that if you make an excuse for sin, your sin will not be excused. That is so true. The Scriptures tell us that if we will confess our sins that God is faithful and just to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Live in Victory! God Bless!!