5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Mood In The Morning

By: Lotty Vargas

There are some days I wake up mad for no reason. Does it happened to you?

I always try to find an explanation for everything that happens to me, but I was not able to discover why emotionally it happens in the morning. It's suppose to be a new day, a new start.

Perhaps you have had the same experiences and you found out a good reason why. If so, leave a comment below to share it with us.

In the meantime while I am researching the emotional reason effect of why people wake up angry, mad or with a bad mood; I am sharing with you what are the 5 things I do to improve it.


1. Pray, Just pray

It works. I don't have a specific prayer for each situation that happens in my life, but I often try to communicate with Jesus Christ in a true conversation using my own words. It sounds like this:

Dear Jesus, I know you hear me,
I know you have the right answer for everything,
I know you are going to help me.
This morning I woke up unhappy, upset and angry,
and it could affect the interaction with my family for the rest of the day.
I don’t like to feel like that.
Please help me! Touch my soul!
I want to smile again, I want to feel joy in my heart, I want to be happy.
Thank you. Amen!
— Lottie


2. Wear YOUR headphones to listen Your favorite songs

One of my favorite songs I listen to relax and warm my soul is 'Praise You In This Storm' by Casting Crowns. Click on the video below to listen this song while you continue reading the article.

Video Music and Lyric of 'Praise You In This Storm' by Casting Crowns.

Sweet right? Music makes a positive effect to a person. It is able to change your mood. Select a soft beautiful song of your list, close your eyes and just enjoy it.


3. Write a note

I don't need to write an essay. I just write words or few sentences to describe how I feel and how I would like to feel. If you do the same, soon you will notice your mood changes to a productive and happy mood. Ideas will come to your mind and you will feel great.


4. Eat something sweet

A piece of fruit or chocolate could help energize your body. Your mood will improve quickly, but remember that you don't need to eat the full chocolate bar to feel better, you just need a little square so don't cheat your diet.


5. Cry like the little ones

Crying is not such a bad thing most people think. Sometimes our soul wants to express how sad or mad we feel inside. Crying is the way our soul uses to tell us that a pain is hidden in there. Open your heart to allow the tears to flow out. You will feel free. If you cry and pray at the same time it's much better. Actually it's the perfect combination to feel a warm hug from God.


Are you smiling now? I hope so. Have a great day!