When You Face Disappointment In Life

Why, my soul are you downcast? Who so disturbed with me? Put your hope in God, for yet I praise him, my Savior and my God
— Psalm 42:11 NIV
When you face disappointment in life

At times we face disappointment in life and it seems too unbearable. You become exasperated or depressed and just want to scream out in frustration. You try to figure what to do on your own or ask a friends advice how to solve everything.

You can try to solve your disappointments in life on your own but there is no magic cure for that. A doctor can prescribe 50 different pills to try to solve your problems but they may lead to side effects such as, loss of sensation, exploding feet, blindness, deafness, tooth decay and other multiple side effects according to commercials on television today.

We all go through that at times and you’re not he only one to go through it. In Psalm 42:11 the verse asks why you are so downcast and disturbed. Believe it not, God is there to comfort you when facing disappointment because He is there for you and put your hope and faith in Him.

It's not just a message, but a thought.