Testing Of Faith

By: Thomas Myers

Why am I able to stand? Because I have faith that what Jesus said is true. But you might think, “There are trials in my life, why does God make me go through these things?”

Blessed is the one who preserves under trail because, having stood the test, that person will receive a crown of life that the Lord promised to those who love him.
— James 1:2

Oswald Chambers said, “There is continual testing in the life of faith,” so why shouldn’t I expect a trial that will show who I really am? Chambers goes on to say, “And the last great test is death”.

That statement is a sobering reality that puts life here on earth into perceptive. Will my faith stand, even in the face of death? That is the mark of a believer. The world can’t hurt me, for its greatest power presents no threat to me.

So is the faith I have the faith that God requires? It is my duty to be able to withstand the toughest trying situations and keep my faith in God. If my faith remains, I prove that I am born of Him - and if I am not born of Him, I will not stand through the fire in which I am being passed.

Are you prepared for a life of trial - it is a sure thing for every human being. You either go through life with true faith or with wrong faith (everyone has “faith” in something) and all faith will be tested. If you claim to be a believer in Christ, are you able to conjure up the worst treachery in your mind and know that if you passed through it, you would still keep your faith? If our lives are always being tested, and if the final test is death, our goal is to find a faith that is able to withstand this wretched life (with all its potential evils) and walk boldly into death (such a faith can only come from God, and no other faith can please Him). This life is a test of faith, and only those found in Christ will persevere till the end. The only man who has the strength to stare life in the face is the man who knows that even in the face of death, He lives.