Dumb as Dirt!

By: Woody Godbey

The 10 points below are what I gave a young pastor several years back who asked my advice on starting a church.  His church today has a membership of several hundred and they are reaching their community with the gospel.     

1. If you pray, seeking the Lord with your whole heart and exercise faith you will experience some miraculous events.     

2. If you lean on your education more than the Educator (Holy Spirit) You Lose Power.  

3. If you preach to the mind and miss the heart the church will lack Humility. 

4. If you Worship God, Work for God and Walk with God out of duty rather than devotion, you Lose Your First Love. 

5. If you fail to honor your mentor’s, you lose Respect. 

6. If you have all teaching and no preaching you will have an Educated church but not a Spiritual church.

7. If you have truth without spirit you have a Dead church.

8. If you have spirit without truth you have a False church.

9. If you have truth and spirit you have a Balanced church.

10. If a church has more staff meeting than prayer meetings they lack Wisdom.

When God called me, He didn’t get a prize.  I was dumb as dirt and had no clue what I was doing “But God”.  That’s it, God did it all.  I just went along for the ride and it was a ride!  I had a few bumps in the road but I wouldn’t take anything for my time in ministry.  God started a church using old dumb as dirt me in February 1985 and in just over 6 months we were running 100 people and all 3 services were always full.  We had a small building that would seat around 80 to 90 comfortably but we packed it out every service with chairs in the back and Isles and sometimes people were standing outside on the porch.  Revival meetings were packed out every night.  The Holy Spirit moved in those services and we saw hundreds and maybe thousands saved in those 27 years.  

I always remembered and had a great respect for my mentors. I knew in my heart that God had used them to teach and influence me.  I wanted our people to hear from the men who had such an impact on my life.  I had Bro. Dwight Miles, Bro. Don Noble, Bro. Fred Vaught, Bro. Herman Minyard and a few others preach revivals and special services. We supported Missionaries while we were still a mission.  We supported our first Missionary 3 months after starting.  God blessed in so many ways and it was all HIM.  What does it take to be a real church?  For starters, Prayer, Faith, Power, Humility, Love, Respect, Teaching, Preaching, Truth, Spirit and Wisdom from above.  
Those are the things a church can’t do without.  Prayer and Faith is the breeding ground for miracles.  I’ll take power over education any day of the week.  Humility has to be the most lacking virtue in the church today.  Love for the Lord and His people is seen through devotion rather than duty.  Always show honor and respect for those who paved the way for you. Teaching to the mind and Preaching to the heart produces a well-balanced church.  A worship service must be full of Truth and Spirit.  Wisdom from above is priceless, yet so many lack it.