We All Fall Down

By: Chance Densmore

Remember when you were a child, your parents told you not to do something such as play with matches because you may burn something down? But, you couldn't resist even though your parents tell you that something bad will happen. Also, you were told, “No, don't do that!” many times.

The challenge turns into temptation, you couldn't resist lighting that match, and your child’s curiosity turns into a major catastrophe because the side kitchen cabinet is on fire! Parents, some helpful advice here. If you have a mini pyromaniac living amongst you in your house, make sure you stock up on some fire extinguishers and ensure there are no flame producing items inside your house or 1000 yards from your residence. The reason for the 1000 yard distance from your house is to prevent your little pyromaniac setting your or the neighbors front yard on fire. Also, having a water hose within reach is a good idea.

Now, as adults we’re supposed to know better, but sometimes we are tempted to do things that can be harmful or destructive to ourselves or other people in our lives. We think we are strong with God, but a temptation from Satan sneaks up on you to where it overpowers you and then you fall to temptation. Unfortunately, we're not perfect, and all of us do fall to temptation at times. This is a weakness of human nature.

Resisting temptation on your own, without help, is extremely difficult. Everyone is tempted to do wrong and even Jesus was tempted from Satan when he was in the wilderness for 40 days. When He was weak and being tempted he turned to God for help. Now just imagine, you’re stuck in the woods for 40 days and you’ve had nothing to eat during that time. Billy-Bob appears out of nowhere and offers you a Double Whopper with cheese and a side order of large fries. However, Billy Bob said, “First, you must set your father’s house on fire.”

Most people’s stomach will speak out and agree to get that delicious Double Whopper and fall into sin. Fortunately, you and I have a way to resist any temptation. That's why you need God to help you in all difficult moments when being tempted. Remember, we all fall down.  We’re all tempted at times and it happens. It depends on what you do with that urge. Give the battle to God, let Him win and resist the devil.