Spirit Led Living

The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you - they are full of the Spirit and life.
— John 6:63

I will work on not working. That is the spirit of abandonment. The focus is not on working for God but letting the Life of God work through you. In full view of Scripture and its unshakability, abandonment is a radical notion that does not calculate the outcome but just does as the Spirit wishes to do and trusts the outcome is hidden in the perfect will of God.

Abandonment should be reckless and without thought, it should be given over in full devotion with not even an ounce of self-bringing up any objection - for “self” is dead and Christ is Lord.  Galatians  2:20

We as Christians live by the Spirit God has given to us and if we doubt the Spirit’s leading we quench the Spirit and are miserable. We are not to quench the Spirit so as to satisfy ourselves, but rather we are to quench ourselves so as to satisfy the Spirit. The Spirit gives us Life from God, and any other life we use that is not of the Spirit is reckoned dead in Christ. So why would we as Christians want to live in the flesh? Want to live in death?

The Spirit is alive and if you follow the Spirit you will share in His Life. The Spirit will always lead you back to the cross, if you are led away from the cross, you are not following the Spirit. But the Way the Spirit leads, there you will find the Truth - Jesus Christ - and through Him, you will be led into all truth. Therefore follow the Spirit, do whatever He commands and follow wherever He takes you or you will live in death. Quench yourself and you will find Life in the very Spirit of Christ.