Why God Gives You More Than What You Asked For?

By: Lotty Vargas

When God wants to bless you, he blesses you in abundance, and most of the time you are able to see God's generosity immediately, because he is very obvious.

He doesn't give you the favor you asked for. He gives you too many favors at the same time. It looks like that he gives you too many 'gifts' in one bag, so you can't complain or bother him for a while. 

When it happens we laugh with joy to say thank you God! but why he acts like that? I went a little further to understand His action...


Let's imagine God with his assistant - Pedro, Peter or Pablo - checking a huge list with our requests, filtering it by urgency and set up it by priorities.

Can you imagine God doing that? I would like to think He does something like that because in Genesis He said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness".

It means that if you stop in a front of a mirror, you could see God in yourself. Isn't it a wonderful discovering? In fact, it is!

Based on that, let me show you some similitude:

  • God is a parent like you and I. His son is Jesus.
  • He loves us in the same way we love our kids.
  • When we pray, we talk to Him directly without mediators and He listens us like the same way we listen to our kids when they want talk to us.
  • When our kids ask for a gift we usually buy more than one. God does the same. He gives us too many gifts at the same time.
  • When we ask God for a favor, He listens and He takes time to analyze our request; when is the perfect time he gives us what we asked for... and always He gives more. The same way, when our kids ask for a favor, we take time to think about it, we analyze it and when is the perfect time we give them what they asked for... and always we give more.

Nice right? I think so! So next time when you receive a gift from God don't say just thank you, say MORE.

  • Let Him know that you understand why He took too much time in analyzing your request until He makes sure it's a good thing for you.
  • Let Him know that you appreciate that He put your request on the top of the list over other requests.
  • Let Him know that you are happy He trusted you even if you are not a trustworthy person.
  • And to finish, promise Him that you will use the gift wisely.


Have a blessed day!