Who Wins A Conversation Between Men And Women

By: Lotty Vargas

This afternoon, I was wondering why a woman needs to provide more details and spend more time to explain a point during a conversation with a man. Maybe you identify with this story. If so, then you agree they are not able to understand quickly what a woman says. Correct?

Let see what the Bible say in James 1:19 about this...

Know this my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;
— James 1:19

It looks like the Message for them was -'be aware that you are going to live with a woman'- so, be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger. But most men don't hear, speak faster and get angry. That's why it's hard for us to hold a conversation with them.

When a man and a woman are discussing a point, she spends more minutes to say the same thing - over and over again - until he 'gets it'.  It sounds familiar to you? well the next part is now the best one.

He starts taking about something and immediately she catches what he is saying, and she responds with, "I got it." He then looks at her with a - James Bond attitude - to say, "really?" Then he finally says, "You don't listen...to me." So after his assumption he continues talking 'S l o w l y' repeating the same story again until she understands.

In my case, my boyfriend and I speak different languages, my English and his version of English. So what I do when it happens is just pay attention to him. Sometimes I interrupt the conversation to clarify his point, but he ignores it and continues talking the same thing in circles and different ways until he thinks that I get it!. [:-/]

Women and Men are different. It's absolutely  true! We can't change them, we don't want to.

Most women just want hugs and kisses instead of talking. But, since men think different, a hug means more than a hug for them. For example, we can't hug often during the cooking time, so we don't have another choice than just talk.

It's not easy for an independent, professional and smart woman like me to live with this every day. So I found a solution, and it is just listen to him. It makes a positive effect on him. He feels more important, sounds like a leader and looks like a king. [:0]

Paying attention each other is extremely important in a relationship, so, if you want to win the lovely couple game, you must listen... to him.

I know you could get bored listening the same story for the next 30 minutes, but he is the guy you love and at the end of the day you will always win.

Have a nice day!