When reading God’s word in the bible I receive inspiration, hope and guidance how to live my life according to His plan.
— Chance Densmore

Hesmyrock Founder

I am originally from Ft. Worth, Texas. I served 20 years in the US Army and now I am presently pursuing other endeavors. I am a proud dad of two and a grandfather of three beautiful granddaughters. Currently I am living in the cold tundra of Central Michigan .

One of my passions in life is playing racquetball and I really enjoy playing it too much.  "If I do not play racquetball due to prolong injury, sickness, or natural disasters, I will suffer from Racquetball Withdrawal Symptoms (RWS)."

My other passion is fishing. I am still in search of the best fishing spot and I have not found it.

But my most important passion is serving Christ and spreading the good news of His Word. I developed my interest to read the bible every day to study and analyze the word of LORD.

God blessed me in many different ways and that is why I created My purpose now is to share His Word and continue spreading His Message.

Your donation will support some expenses to keep this website live and to continue with my mission to spread God's Message to the world. Thank you for your help and God Bless You.

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