Hesmyrock Founder

I am originally from Ft. Worth, Texas. I served 20 years in the US Army and now I am presently pursuing other endeavors. I am a proud dad of two and a grandfather of three beautiful granddaughters. Currently I am living in the cold tundra of Central Michigan.

One of my passions in life is playing racquetball and I really enjoy playing it too much.  "If I do not play racquetball due to prolong injury, sickness, or natural disasters, I will suffer from Racquetball Withdrawal Symptoms (RWS)."

My other passion is fishing. I am still in search of the best fishing spot and I have not found it.

But my most important passion is serving Christ and spreading the good news of His Word. I developed my interest to read the bible every day to study and analyze the word of LORD.

God blessed me in many different ways and that is why I created My purpose now is to share His Word and continue spreading His Message.

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When reading God’s word in the bible I receive inspiration, hope and guidance how to live my life according to His plan.
— CDensmore