Hesmyrock was created to be a collaborative non-profit website to help others and to provide people inspiration, love and hope.

It all started when our founder was reading God's living word in the bible. He received inspiration to witness to the world about salvation though Jesus Christ and this idea conceived a thought and purpose.

He truly believes it's very important to read the bible and pray every day to develop a strong relationship with God. However, he wanted to explore new ways to share with others all the inspiration and blessings he received from the LORD.

When he took the decision to start Hesmyrock he prayed for God's will and guidance and that's when he knew that September of 2016 was the date to start. The next tasks were many hours invested on brainstorming, learning new things, meetings with a professionals, writing and editing. Few weeks later the end result turned into 



Chance Densmore

Chance is an active member in church and has taught small group bible studies and men's mentoring groups at Miami Baptist Church in Miami, FL. He is proud to serve 20 years in the US Army. He is originally from Ft. Worth, Texas. Mr. Densmore loves sports like racquetball and fishing.

He created Hesmyrock to share his thoughts and join efforts with other people to spread the LORD's message across the world.

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We don’t change the message, the message changes us.
— Chance Densmore



Hesmyrock is proud to have a wonderful group of writers with religious and spiritual backgrounds who contribute to our blog with original and inspirational content.


Woody Godbey

Brother Woody built and pastored the Trinity Baptist Temple Church for over twenty seven years in Fort Worth, Texas. His evangelical ministry includes many cities across the world. He now write for several websites, newspapers and churches...

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Thomas Myers

Mr. Myers is an evangelical minister at Miami Baptist Church in Florida. He's specifically in charge of the evangelism and young adults ministry. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Philosophy and Religion. He is excited to know what Jesus has for him...

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